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Ch. Topaz Simply Amazing
Ch. Topaz Simply Red
Ch. Topaz Carousel
Ch. Topaz Jazzman
Ch. Topaz Pure Country
Ch. Topaz Charles in Charge
Ch. Topaz Crystal Blu Persuasion
Ch. Topaz Black Ice
Ch. Topaz White Diamonds
Ch. Topaz Willow
Ch. Topaz Cheyenne
Ch. Topaz Simply Grace
Ch. Topaz Midnite Blu of Mochamco
Ch. Topaz Gunslinger
Ch. Topaz Z Bart
Ch. Topaz Jesse James
Ch. Topaz Mardi Gras
Ch. Topaz Jul IV Bobkat N Eldorado
Ch. Topaz Denim N Pearls
Ch. Topaz French Toast

Ch. Bobkat's Amazing Grace
Ch. MaPal's Bart Simpson
Ch. Innisfree's Taggin Along
Ch. Bralin's Devil in a Red Dress
Ch. Bobkat's One for the Road
Ch. Bobkat's Big Sky Country
Ch. Bobkat's Zachariah

POINTED TOPAZ, currently being shown:
Topaz Tumbleweeds
Topaz Sparkle Plenty
Topaz Moody Blues
Topaz Guns & Roses
Topaz Big Red Machine
Topaz White Tornado
Topaz Big Cat Daddy
Topaz Angel on Paper of GJ
Topaz Color of Smoke

Good Luck to all the Owners and Co-Owners! ! ! ! !

If you are interested in learning more about our dogs, a copy
of all pedigrees are available upon request, just send us an e-mail.

Cheryl French
Ralph G. Ullum
27 Dusty Trail
Claysville, PA 15323


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